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Creativity, Commitment, Friendly, Capable

These four words describe the essence of Pro Villa Designs Ltd.

Our passion is to create shelter for you that becomes a gathering place for you and your loved once. Pro Villa Designs Ltd. has evolved into a exponentially growing business from the perfectionist and passionate work of its founders, fueled by the untiring need to improve on our house designs.

Our team thrives on meeting challenging timetables, and ensuring our Client’s needs and objectives are realized. The staff at Pro Villa Designs Ltd. are dedicated to helping you through the process and evolution of not just creating square footage, but adding great value to your life.

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We accompany you through the design journey to create a house design that is inspiring and customized to your needs. We pride ourselves in creating spaces that bring quality and efficiency to the layout. We strive through our creativity to have a positive and evergreen impact on you, your neighborhood, economy and environment. We work at a high level of integrity to provide satisfaction and quality service.

The Pro Villa Designs Ltd. Team works hard – characterized with creative energy, technical proficiency, knowledgeability, continuous learning, attention to detail, collaboration, hands-on participation and commitment to performance - and most of all has fun doing so!

Over 40yrs of experience Since 2011 Licensed Professional
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